best yacon weight loss supplement

Benefits Of Pure Yacon Extract you Must Know

Pure Yacon Extract is derived from Yacon plant which is actually a tuber plant that grows in the Andean mountain region in South America. It is also known as Smallanthus Sonchifolius by Peruvian locals. The locals use this plant as salads or in sweets. Yacon plant is a good alternative to those vegetarians who seek to stay away from high sugar content present in maple syrup and in honey. The pure Yacon Extract is highly recommended by health care experts because it contains potassium and antioxidant vitamin A, C and E. It contains nearly thirty percent of FOS- Fructo-Oligo-Saccharides and is free from glucose.

best yacon weight loss supplement

The Yacon root looks like a sweet potato. The juice is extracted from the roots first. It is then filtered and heated naturally, using no chemical manufacturing process. The final Yacon extract has a dark color, looking similar to molasses. The yacon has become very popular among health conscious people today because it has many health benefits, like;

  • It has powerful medicinal properties and helps improve your diabetes.
  • It regulates your digestive disorders and increases function of immune system.
  • It reduces food carvings and controls your kidney functions.
  • It is considered as one of the best dietary sources.
  • It increases absorption of nutrients and bone density.
  • It regulates insulin level of your body.

How Pure Yacon Extract helps with weight loss:

If you are looking to lose your excess weight but are not seem to achieve the targeted goal, you should consider the Yacon extract. It offers you to lose weight in a natural process. Moreover, it is an effective and valuable metabolism booster. According to researchers, a significant number of people who have used the extract have lost weight successfully without making compromising in their diets. Few people have achieved their weight loss target even without engaging themselves in regular exercises. The FOS plays a vital role in stimulating the colon. It helps your digestive system. It is low in calories and glycemic as the FOS present in pure yacon extract does not get absorbed.

How Pure Yacon extract is used in different diets:

All doctors and health experts recommend people to minimize the intake of harmful sugars. Anyone who is looking for an opportunity to do just that, the yacon extract can prove helpful in replacing sugars in this or her diet. Hence, you can consider mixing it with oatmeal or granola. You can also use it with pepper flakes spreading over fruits to make a unique dessert for you. Additionally, you can consider to put some yacon extract into your morning tea or coffee and drink it after stirring well. Use it sparingly in your various recipes as its sweetness is often quite strong. However, the sweetness is good for dieters as it contains oligo-fructose, which is not absorbed by the body. Hence, this is the main reason why yacon is recommended for both dieters and diabetics. It has low calories and it does not allow the levels of blood glucose to rise.

Pure Yacon extract helps increase your bone density:

It absorbs magnesium and calcium helping a great deal to increase bone density. Hence, health service provider advised taking yacon extract to a person diagnosed with osteoporosis and to senior citizens.

Few Negative Effects of Pure Yacon Extract:

There are no serious negative side effects of Yacon extract. However, it tends to raise the frequency of bowel movements and so, people with age, may often have problems like, loose stools, diarrhea, nausea, or bloating. Such people should keep themselves away from taking pure yacon extract. It has few properties like sunflower plant and so, people allergic to sunflower seeds must consult health care consultant before opting for yacon extract.

In the nutshell, pure yacon extract is low in calories and is much like fiber. It helps raise urination and bowel movements. People experiencing regular constipation love this extract. It controls food craving and at the same time enables liver to burn up more fats turning the fat cells into useful energy. It simply produce a mechanism for customers to safely slim down without any serious health problem.

It is truly hard to get a weight loss product that does not have any bad side effects or harsh chemical effects. However, pure yacon extract is on such natural product. Use pure yacon extract regularly to achieve better health and long life.